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How does a pawn loan work?

Pawn loans are an easy way to get quick cash. All that is required is a valid government issued photo ID and that you be 18 years or older. The pawnbroker holds your merchandise for collateral, which is returned when you repay the loan plus interest. Loans are based on the value of the item pawned. The term of the loan is one month plus a 30-day grace period. If you cannot pay back your loan within that timeframe, we offer extensions and renewals to give you additional time. Interest accrues each 30 days in loan. You can also elect to not repay the loan and surrender your merchandise. There is no obligation and no credit consequence to the borrower and the items are sold at a value price to retail customers.

We provide collateral cash loans
No long forms to fill out
Only a government issued photo ID
You retain ownership of your collateral
We do not report to any credit agency
No credit checks
No financial records
You get your money in minutes
There is no obligation to redeem your collateral.
You always have the option to forfeit ownership of the pawned item.

We promise to treat you with the respect you deserve and the privacy you need. We would like the opportunity to serve your needs.

How much can I borrow?

The amount of the loan is determined by the value of the collateral based on condition, age, and our ability to resell the item. Jewelry is largely based on the gold market and the value of gemstones and diamonds. Our aim is to loan you top dollar on your item. We also loan as low as $10.00 if that’s all you need.

What is an extension?

If you cannot pay back your loan in full on the due date, you can get an extension. You will be required to pay a portion of the interest owed, which will allow us to extend the loan up to 30 days.

What is a Renewal?

If you cannot pay back your loan in full on the due date, you can get a renewal. You will be required to pay all of the interest that has accrued on your loan which will allow us to write a new pawn loan for you, giving you a new 30 day loan with a new 30 day grace period.

What if I lose my pawn ticket?

Notify us, so we can flag your account to release only to you. Texas is a bearer state which means that whoever has the pawn ticket is allowed to redeem the item. This can be a convenience if you are unable to come in personally and send the ticket with a spouse or friend.

Are my items safe while in pawn?

A pawn loan allows you to keep ownership of your items. It is our responsibility to keep it safe while it is in our care in locked, climate-controlled storage, with 24 hour surveillance until the loan is paid off.

Is my personal data and information about my loan secure?

Yes. State and federal laws regulate the privacy of your loan transactions with us. We have procedures in place to safeguard your information. However, we are required to report all pawn transactions to local law enforcement to protect against property crimes.

How does a Pawn Loan Work?

1. Bring Us Your Items
Be sure to remember a valid government-issued photo I.D and you must be 18 or older.
2. Leave with Cash
We’ll appraise your item and offer you a loan. We then hold your item and you leave with Cash.
3. Pay Your Loan Balance
Pay your balance and pick up your merchandise. For greater flexibility, we offer extensions and renewals. If you choose to surrender your collateral, there is no additional obligation on your part.

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